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  Welcome to Debby's Organic Farm -- Where we strive to produce the Best, Enriched, Healthy, and Tasty Egg for you and your family.  

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Debby's Organic Farm raises pastured Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock hens for their eggs. Our hens are free to roam in the fresh air on our 5 acre, open land pasture, allowing them to peck forge for the delicious and healthy grass, bugs, and high-quality domestic feed.  During hostile weather and/or night time, the chickens roost in 3 large covered coupes in which they freely seek shelter from the environment for their protection. 

At Debby's Organic Farm, our hens are raised so they can produce healthy high Omega-3 Enriched eggs, with minerals and vitamins that compete against the conventional, commercial egg production you see in the grocery market of today.

All of the animals are treated very humanely, and are "Certified Humane" by the the strict guidelines of the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA).  We follow their guidelines in raising our animals to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.

With that said, our dedication to you, the consumer, is to provide the means for our naturally fed hens, to produce the Best enriched, healthy egg around.






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